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How much TIME and MONEY are you losing following up on your billing and insurance claims? Would you rather be generating MORE INCOME and seeing patients instead of doing billing? How much more FUN and REWARDING would your practice be if you were free of the worries of collecting money? WE ARE YOUR SOLUTION! We can help you have more income, more time, and less stress. You can enjoy seeing clients and know your collections and billing will be done correctly for you.


You are working long hours catching up on billing and it’s driving you crazy!

You are frustrated with denied claims resulting in loss of revenue!

You don’t have time to get credentialed and it is costing you referrals and significant money!

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To help you build a successful practice

Taking the stress out of earning an income


Billing and Collections

We will submit claims either daily, weekly, or bimonthly (depending on which billing package you choose), on all your clients. If we do not receive a payment, denial, or a request for more information within 30-45 days, we will automatically contact the insurance company and demand payment. If a patient owes you money, we will also send them a bill monthly if you instruct us to do so and handle tracking of patient balances. We are available on a monthly basis to review all your accounts with you.

Depending on the frequency with which you want your sessions billed, we offer the several fee options taken as a percentage of the total monies we collect for you each month.

Authorization Request Forms If we receive any notifications from an insurance company that you need to complete any reports or paperwork for additional authorizations, we will send that to you to complete, and we will return it to the insurance company on your behalf.

Managed Care Tracking

This service allows you to keep an active count of who and what you are collecting. This process includes:

  • Sending you a listing each month of all of your active clients for the month and their co-payments.
  • As you see clients, you will complete a daily/weekly schedule, coding in completions, cancellations or no shows, date and time of next appointment, and any change in diagnosis.
  • At the end of the day/week, just fax this form back to us so we can bill for these services and track your authorizations.

Making it easy to get paneled


We will be happy to file for credentialing with any insurance panels you are not currently on, however there is a charge for new empanelment. Re-credentialing is done at no extra charge. In order to ensure the accuracy of the information given, we will ask that you fill out a Credentialing Information Form when we start working with you.

You have the option for us to help you with getting on one or two panels at our A La Carte rate, or we can provide unlimited credentialing at our Full Panel rate.

Keeping your schedule booked


Reminder calls vastly improve the attendance rate for therapists. Many companies will make these “robocalls” for you. These calls can often be cold and sometimes even confusing for clients. We will make a personal phone call at your requested time (24 or 48 hours before the appointment) in order to remind your client of their appointment. You will be notified of the disposition of the call (confirmed, voicemail, wants to reschedule, etc.) after they are made for the day. Pricing varies depending on the number of clients called.

If you cannot make it to the office because of an emergency, we can call your clients for you in order to cancel those appointments. We will again inform you of the disposition of those calls after they are made. Pricing varies depending on the number of clients to be called.


Our company was started and is run by two psychotherapists and a behavioral health insurance biller who have been working together for years running a large group mental health practice with clinicians who are psychologists, psychiatrists, LPCs, and LCSWs. Years of billing experience for clinicians of various licensure types prepared us to be very efficient and effective at navigating collections in the mental health industry.

We wanted to start DSM Billing and Credentialing to fill a gap we have seen in quality and effectivness in billing and collections. The lessons associated with growing and maintaining a large group practice have given us a skill set to help guide others in building a successful practice.

We promise to be accessible and available to our clients because we recognize that without solid billing no practice can survive. We know first hand that, although you may love what you do, you need to earn a living that makes it all worthwhile. Our aim is to make this easy for you!


All employees with DSM Mental Health Billing & Credentialing have signed a confidentiality agreement.

All of your business and personal information along with your clients’ will be held in strictest confidence. A copy of DSM Mental Health Billing & Credentialing’s confidentiality policy is available upon request.

Please report any possible breach of confidentiality to Andre Judice (drandrelola@gmail.com) immediately. If you have a case in which confidentiality is of possible clinical concern (i.e. invoices should be sent to another address), please notify us in writing immediately with specific instructions.

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